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help me make an EP.help me make an EP.

↠ nak vs TBG

Quite honestly, I got murdered in that first round. I didn’t have much headspace to prepare with work and grad school. Despite it all, this battle was so honorable and fun- affirming why I love this art. God bless TBG. God bless battle rap culture.

↠"I'm Okay" (Remix) Prod. Sam Ock

p r o d : Sam Ock (@samuelock)

d o w n l o a d : http://hyperurl.co/imokayremix

l y r i c s : Turn on closed captioning / listen in HD.

• Director: Sammie Villanueva

• Co-Director: Gerard Christian

• Director of Photography: Bryan Santos

• Producer: Paul Abesamis

• Executive Producer: Daniel Estrella

• 1st Ad: Paul Abesamis

• 2nd Ad: Glenda Gonzales

• Script supervisor: Mark Llavore

• Production Design: Jamie Lynne Garcia, Janie Kinnisten-Bustin, Sherissa Villamor, Angela Paviera, Loisel Flores

• Sound: Janie Kinnisten-Bustin, Jamie Lynne Garcia

• Grip: Cameron Flores, Loisel Flores

• Camera Operator: Bryan Santos

• 1st AC: Josh Osei

• Key Grip/Gaffer: Cameron Flores

• Talent: Arlyn Dela Pena, Dylin Rodrigo, Walter Talens, Daniel Estrella, Janie Kinnisten-Bustin

• Craft Services: Marvin Estrella, Vee Estrella